An honest removals company who publish their prices online!

If you’re based almost anywhere in Norfolk or Suffolk and need a friendly and great value removals company then get in touch. We already operate in Norwich, Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds, Gorleston and Cromer. Our small removals teams are on hand to make your house move as smooth and easy as possible.

Removals explained

Which service will I need?

If you have a small move or if you are moving a short distance with keys for both properties on the day you might get away with our ‘single van by the hour’ rates. Examples include moving things into storage and moves that include a rented property at either end over a short distance. We can pack and disassemble/assemble furniture as part of these prices. We simply charge by the hour with a small charge to account for the distance covered with your contents on board.

If you are moving further away or you are involved in a chain you will need one of our ‘honest day rates’ so we can load everything in one go without returning. We base these prices on a sensible working day. We are happy to pack or disassemble/assemble furniture as part of these prices. We Remove and Store’s philosophy is to bring helpful teams to work at whatever needs doing for the day rather than be petty and charge extra for taking the legs off a table or putting a bed back together! We’re just careful to make sure that whatever you need doing can be completed in a day.


Why choose us?

  • Loads of 5 star reviews online that let you know we do a great job!
  • Honest prices, published online. We know you’re busy so we don’t make you jump hoops to just get a rough idea!
  • Clean, new removals vans that are reliable and give your new neighbors the right impression.
  • Goods in Transit Cover to £20,000 per load, plus public liability and employers liability cover.


What are we great at?

  • Moving things into or out of a local storage facility
  • Moving you from one home to another
  • Commercial moves of any kind (moving stock, moving offices)


What’s the process for estimating?

We’re usually fairly correct in our estimations of the services required based on a description over the phone, but are happy to confirm with photographs or sometimes with a site visit if we’re not absolutely sure.

Our removal prices

Single Van (minimum booking 4 hours)

One Man £50/hour + £1 per loaded mile
Two Men £80/hour + £1 per loaded mile

Suitable for small or local jobs where multiple runs are possible

Honest Day Rate 2 men 1 van

£600 + £1 per loaded mile

Suitable for 1 bed and many 2 bed properties

Up to 670 cubic feet of contents weighing 1.3 tons

Honest Day Rate 2 men 2 vans

£780 + £2 per loaded mile

Suitable for most 2 bed and many 3 bed properties

Up to 1,340 cubic feet of contents weighing 2.6 tons

Honest Day Rate 3 men 3 vans

£1200 + £3 per loaded mile

Suitable for most 3 bed and many 4 bed properties

Up to 2,010 cubic feet of contents weighing 3.9 tons

Our house removal areas

Our network of removals teams can currently accommodate any move that begins or ends in the above area at no extra charge! We do travel much further to move people away from or into the area on the map, but if your move doesn’t start or end somewhere on this map it’s probably not one for us until our network has grown!

map of inclusive locations

“Fab service from Matt! He was very helpful and made extra effort in fitting me in last minute! The move went flawlessly well! Will definitely be using them again and will most definitely recommend!”

Bee Caroline Maia

“Great service helping us move house. So helpful, friendly & fast. I will definitely use again & highly recommend.”

Julia Pink